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August 2014

California may have paid millions for fraudulent drug treatment –audit – 8/20/14

Prop 46 Requiring Physicians To Check Statewide Prescription Drug Database Can Save Up To $406 Million Annually – 8/11/14

July 2014

Use of illicit drugs becomes part of Silicon Valley’s work culture – 7/31/14

June 2014

Medicaid Expansion Helps California’s Heroin Addicts Get Treatment – 6/3/14

May 2014

California Board of Pharmacy Prescription Drug Awareness Public Service Announcement Now Available Online – 5/1/14

December 2013

Nation’s Largest Medical Society Says Doctors Should Check Drug Database Before Prescribing Addictive Drugs, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign – 12/10/13

November 2013

Prescription drug abuse increases in San Diego – 11/15/13

October 2013

Activists: State’s Doctors Should Be Tested for Drugs – 10/15/13

Prescription Drug Abuse Rising, California Fights Back – 10/15/13

Prescription Drug Overdose Cases Increasing In California – 10/8/13

CAARR and CAADAC Consolidate to Form CCAPP – 10/5/13

September 2013

Another View: Healthy moms on methadone can safely breast-feed by John McCarthy – September 14, 2013

Heroin use on the rise in San Diego County – 9/5/13

Medicaid providers of substance use treatment under scrutiny in California – 9/3/13

A complex web of provider oversight in California – 9/4/13

August 2013

Commentary: Responding to Fraud in the Medi-Cal Program – 8/13/13

May 2013

Senate rejects bill on prescription monitoring program – 5/28/13

Report: Lax Rules Allow Felons to Serve as Drug and Alcohol Counselors in California – 5/16/13

Experts Talk Prescription Drug Abuse at Santa Barbara Forum – 5/14/13

April 2013

Medical board backs prescription drug reforms – 4/27/13

Addiction can be fatal in San Diego County jails – 4/17/13

Health law expands treatment for addicts in Calif. – 4/16/13

The Role the Media Can Play in Reducing the Overdose Crisis – 4/2/13

 March 2013

Vivitrol helps patients beat opioid addictions – 3/29/13

Prescription drug-related deaths continue to rise in U.S. – 3/29/13

Life-Saving Drug for Heroin OD Not Widely Available – 3/22/13

February 2013

San Diego Prescription Drug Abuse Medical Task Force a Call to Stop Epidemic of Prescription Drug Abuse – 2/19/13

 January 2013

KIM SMITH: Help curb fatal drug abuse with alternative techniques – 1/24/13

LA County calls for action to tackle prescription drug abuse – 1/14/13

Restored funding for prescription drug-monitoring program urged – 1/11/13

December 2012

California Roadside Survey Finds Twice as Many Weekend Nighttime Drivers Test Positive for Other Drugs as for Alcohol; Marijuana as Likely as Alcohol – 12/3/12

 October 2012

Heroin, painkiller abuse do not discriminate, L.A. drug summit participants told – 10/9/12

September 2012

Treatment for addicts is starting to change – 9/22/12

Prescription drug use an epidemic in SLO County – 9/11/12

ThreeStrikes Law & Drug Addiction: What Does The Science Say? – 9/4/12

August 2012

Stepping up fight against prescription drug abuse – 8/23/12

With rise in young painkiller abusers, officials see more heroin overdoses – 8/15/12

July 2012

Heroin in paradise; drug use in SLO County – 7/29/12

Prescription drug monitoring system running low on funds – 7/27/12

Methadone deaths slow in Mother Lode – 7/9/12

Prescription drug abuse on rise, San Diego County officials say – 7/9/12

 June 2012

The Rising Threat of Prescription Drug Addiction  – 6/28/12

Surge in babies born into drug addiction – 6/2/12

May 2012

Hepatitis C a latent legacy of baby boomers’ youth – 5/2/12

April 2012

California’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Lacks Participation, Funding – 4/9/12

Prescription addiction – In SLO County, legal drugs are abused at a rate doubling the state average- 4/4/12

Powerful prescription drugs too easy to get, Mary Bono Mack says – April 4, 2012

March 2012

Heroin use surges in suburban, affluent Placer County – March 28, 2012

Palm Springs Congresswoman Bono Mack puts spotlight on prescription drug abuse – March 19, 2012

 National News

September 2014

Buprenorphine/Naloxone Combo Limits Risk For Buprenorphine Misuse – 9/19/14

Prescription Painkiller Deaths up, but Not as Fast – 9/16/14

These are the 12 drugs sending the most kids to the emergency room – 9/15/14

Fears Rise of Medication Misuse by the Elderly – 9/14/14

Taking the fight against the deadly prescription drug epidemic online – 9/12/14

American Academy Addiction Psychiatry Receives $3 Million Grant to Address Opioid Addiction-9/11/14

June 2014

Heroin use rising sharply since 2007, US mayors told – 6/23/14

Chasing the heroin resurgence – 6/12/14

Reduced sentences urged for non-violent drug offenders – 6/10/14

Top 5 Percent of Opioid Prescribers Write 40 Percent of US Narcotic Prescriptions – 6/9/14

May 2014

Drugs for treating heroin users: a new abuse problem in the making? – 5/30/14

Opioids leading to new class of heroin abusers, study finds – 5/28/14

 February 2014

JAMA Article – Confronting the Stigma of Opioid Addiction – 2/26/14

AATOD Publishes Pictures of the Philadelphia Conference – 2/26/14

Message From AATOD Regarding the Death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman – 2/11/14

October 2013

State Substance Use Disorder Parity Laws Can Increase Treatment Rate: Study – 10/24/13

Longer Detox Might Work Better for Prescription Pain Med Addiction – 10/23/13

TRICARE; Removal of the Prohibition To Use Addictive Drugs in the Maintenance Treatment of Substance Dependence in TRICARE Beneficiaries – 10/22/13

Blog: Opioid Use in the Veteran’s Administration System – 10/19/13

NSC report: only three states adequately addressing prescription drug abuse – 10/14/13

August 2013

New SAMHSA toolkit will combat opioid overdose – 8/28/13

Abuse of Painkillers Raises Risk of Heroin Use: Study – People who used prescription drugs illegally were 19 times more likely to move to heroin – 8/22/13

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Signs Distribution Agreement with Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC
– Three-year distribution agreement for a generic version of Suboxone(R) – 8/20/13

Titan Pharmaceuticals Announces Publication of Phase 3 Probuphine Data in Addiction – 8/13/13

Kerlikowske Will Leave Post as Director of Office of National Drug Control Policy – 8/6/13

Blog: FDA Approves Zubsolv, New Brand of Sublingual Buprenorphine – 8/3/13

July 2013

Video from the American Society of Addiction Medicine: Patient Access to Medications(Buprenorphine) – 7/22/13

New ASAM report shows increasing restrictions on addiction medications by state governments and insurance companies – 6/21/13

January 2013

From SAMHSA: Prescription drug misuse remains a top public health concern – 1/8/13

December  2012

Suboxone Sales Estimated to Reach $1.4 Billion in 2012–More Than Viagra or Adderall – 12/10/12

Rule Provides Flexibility in Dispensing Buprenorphine for Opioid Addiction Treatment – 12/7/12

September 2012

National survey shows reduction in non-medical prescription drug use among young adults – 9/24/12

New Report Recommends Expanding Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment in Armed Forces – 9/17/12

August 2012

Researchers find way to block heroin, morphine addiction – 8/15/12

Blog – Stop the Presses: We Cured Heroin Addiction – 8/15/12

  July 2012

Bono Mack backs prescription drug abuse bill -7/19/12

Heroin use on the rise across the US; addicts

looking for cheaper, stronger fix – 7/18/12

Anti-drug abuse measure drives many addicts to heroin – 7/11/12

June 2012

Drug czar says addiction is health problem, not moral failing – 6/11/12

Doctors Say Drug Monitoring Programs Need Improvement – 6/2/12

 May 2012

Failed drug tests hinder hiring – 5/29/12

April 2012

A Baby is Born Addicted to Drugs About Once an Hour, Study Says – April 30, 2012

February 2012

ATTOD’s letter to the Department of Defense in support of adding methadone and buprenorphine products to TRICARE benefits – February 3, 2012